Wenner Exius | Pilates Instructor

Wenner believes that every body has a story to tell and sometimes that story needs a plot twist—it's called Pilates. With a passion for movement, and a flair for the dramatic, Wenner reads your body and helps you craft a new narrative of balance, flexibility, and core strength.

As a marketing writer, brand strategist, dancer, cellist and volunteer, Wenner understands the meaning of a busy work-life, as well as the demands that puts on the body, mind, and soul. By letting Pilates inside the studio complement life outside the studio, he knows that you can successfully build yourself to keep living a full life.

After a severe leg injury in 2011, Wenner lost confidence in his body and found it difficult to recover physically. When he discovered Pilates, he began a journey to rebuild and reclaim his body. Now he's back on track: dancing, kickboxing, strength training—and incorporating all those fitness principles into his classes and private sessions with you.

Wenner moved to San Francisco from Montreal, by way of Chicago, where he received a B.A. in Communications from DePaul University.  He is currently in training for certifications in Pilates and Wellness Coaching.