Pure . Balance . Strength . Endurance


We have one mission - getting you out


what you love most. The Pilates Reformation class

models are designed to help you achieve your fitness

goals whether you're running a marathon

or recovering from injury.

That is, after all,

what Pilates was made for.


Have you ever wanted to walk on a balance beam, stride better in stilettos, or simply be able to stand on one foot? Our Balance class will challenge your body to move better inside the studio and out. Get ready to work multiple muscle groups at the same time to perfect your coordination and balance. This class is open to all levels. Limited to 6 people per class - if you're feeling a little wobbly, your instructor will be right there to help.


Our Pure class delivers challenging pilates technique in it's purest form. By no means will this class be easy. Take your Pilates to the next level with this slow burn - trust us, your abs are going to shake. This class is open to all levels, in particular, those who are new to Pilates. This is a great way to get used to the equipment in a comfortable manner and help you understand the technique behind Pilates. Limit of 6 people per class; reformer, chair, or tower.


Are you ready to sweat?! Get ready for Pilates...with a kick. With our Endurance class, there will be quick transitions, more repetitions, jumpboard, and advanced moves. If you are new to Pilates, we highly recommend you experience 4 of our other classes prior to joining this one. If you are new to the studio but are a Pilates regular, you are more than welcome to join. Just remember, this is not your average Pilates class. You will sweat, you will fatigue, and you will be sore tomorrow (in all the right places).


Strength is here to build you up- in true Pilates fashion of course. This class will bring you closer to a strong body with challenging, static holds (think planks, squats and more). Pilates will never bulk you up, but this class is designed to push you a little harder. You will have more reps or heavier weight to challenge yourself, all while keeping your body in true Pilates form. Modifications are always given so be sure to let your instructor know if you have any limitations. This class is back safe. Limited to 6 people per class.