Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a perfect way to get a little TLC for your body.

At On Pointe, we offer 45 min. one-on-one treatment sessions with our Physical Therapist, Melissa Maglaque.  Melissa works with her clients to develop a customized plan of care to not only rehab from injuries, but to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Our Physical Therapist specializes in selective functional movement assessments, postural restoration institute, myofascial decompression (cupping), Kinesio and McConnell Taping, Graston, McKenzie, Sahrmann, Active Release Technique and Pediatric Physical Therapy.

A couple things you should know:

1.  A prescription or referral from a physician is NOT required to initiate physical therapy

2.  At any time during evaluation or treatment, the physical therapist may refer you to the appropriate physician or specialist as deemed necessary

3.  After 45 days or 12 visits (whichever occurs first), if further visits are needed, you must be seen by your physician and a physical therapy plan of care must be approved and signed

4. Insurance is not required- at your request an invoice can be provided for you to submit to your insurance.


How to Book an Appointment:


Appointment times are 45 mins

A consultation is required first

When you book your appointment please let us know what injury or onset pain you are having.

If you need to cancel your appointment we will need 24 hours notice.