Are You Ready for a ReBoot?

You're already amazing, instead of New Year, New You, let's ReBootU!

RebootU is a 1:1 comprehensive nutrition and wellness coaching program focused on improving your gut health.

Why the gut? Your immune system lives in 70% of your gut.....thats a lot! When your digestion is off your immune system is compromised.

Our Founder and Nutrition Specialist, Kaitlyn, will be your guide and help you look and most importantly feel like your best self.

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The ReBootU Program

1:1 Nutrition Coaching and a Life Changing ReBoot for just $200 per month.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching with Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn holistic approach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition is going to guide you through those bumps along the road with your diet and overall wellness

Meal Plan Guidance

Are you super busy or on a budget? Working through some tough gut or autoimmune stuff? Truly Kaitlyn has been through it all and can't wait to meal plan away with you.

The Pilates Reformation Online Workout Catalog

Gain access to hundreds of online mat and reformer pilates videos. These videos are suitable for all levels and range from 5-50 minutes.

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This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of our content monthly

Lets Tune in to You

Questions to answer:

  • Do you feel sluggish or have brain fog?

  • Are you struggling from burnout?

  • Do you often feel bloated?

  • Do you struggle with increased anxiety or depression?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping or waking up?

  • Do you have trouble going to the bathroom or go to the bathroom too much?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are not alone! Our co-founder, Kaitlyn, experienced all these symptoms first hand and is here to help you.

Kaitlyn's Story

Let's get real here, since a teenager and into my late twenties I did not have a great relationship with food. As a professional dancer, it was a huge struggle- what not to eat, what to eat to maintain that ballet physic.

It made sense that when I left that industry I went absolutely rogue and to make matters worse the fitness industry was not any better. Days filled with chicken, broccoli and brown rice (gross!).

Fast forward 8 years later I am sitting in a doctors office with an Autoimmune Disease, Hoshimotos to be exact with a side of SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth) basically Candida on steroids. Not to mention my adrenal glands were shot and I still had a business to run with 12 hour days. I ran like that with all of those symptoms for 3 more years.

Then life stopped, literally in 2020. We moved to Texas and I was forced to stop. I was forced to dive deep into me but also found that cooking was this amazing artistic outlet. With a lot of time on my hands I started reading and researching and found myself applying to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Why??? Because all the food I was making and the lifestyle changes that I made were putting me into remission. I was waking up at 630am naturally and with a ton of energy. I wanted to dive deeper so I could help others like me.

You are not alone.

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All our workout videos

1:1 Nutrition Calls twice a month

Meal Plan Guidance

Once you sign up Kaitlyn will reach out to you personally to schedule, please give her 24hrs to contact. She is ready to go but also human :)

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All inclusive access to our on-demand workout library and 2 1- 1 Nutrition and Wellness Coaching with Kaitlyn Rhoades Addesso a month.