Do I need socks?

Nope. Socks are completely optional, and most times being barefoot will offer better support and less slippage on the reformer.

Do classes expire?

Never fear! None of your classes will expire.

If I've never done Pilates before, what class do I take?

Pure is the class for you! Our Pure class is perfect it is your traditional classical Pilates class, our instructors always walk you through proper Pilates form and technique. To read more about our classes click here.

What package should I buy?

Our studio offers a variety of class packages. Our best value packages are our monthly memberships. However, if you travel extensively, our bulk buys are the way to go. The best way to pick a package is to look at how many times a week you’re planning on coming to the studio. You can see more of our class pricing options here.

Is there parking?

We have meter parking right outside the studio, two hour parking is available just one block away north and south of the studio. To ensure you’ll have plenty of time to park, we recommend reserving at least 15 minutes to find a parking spot before class (especially on Saturdays and Sundays). Please keep in mind street cleaning on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00am - 8:00am.

What if I’m running late?

We understand life gets hectic but if we have not received a call that you are arriving late, we have a 10 minute cut off with class. We will gladly reschedule the class for you. This is truly for your safety, we don’t want you to get injured in class from not having a proper warm up.

How far in advance can I cancel?

For classes you can early cancel up to 12 hours (or more) in advance. Any cancellations made 12 hours or sooner to class time will result in a loss of the class. Monthly unlimited members will incur a $12 late fee.

For private training a 24 hour notice is needed for early cancellation, notice received after 24 hours is considered late and results in the loss of your session.

What happens when I’m waitlisted?

If you’re waitlisted for a class you’ll receive an email from MINDBODY updating you on class status. If you DO NOT get into a class that you signed up via waitlist your class will be added back to your MINDBODY account.

Will I be charged for not showing up in the class I was waitlisted for?

You’ll only be charged for a class you were waitlisted for if you confirmed your spot through Mindbody and didn’t show up. Confirming your sport secures your place in class, so we’ll be expecting you. If you didn’t confirm your spot through Mindbody then you won’t be charged for being absent.

Can I come to a class if I'm dealing with past injuries?

Generally speaking, our instructors are able to accommodate for limitations and give you adjustments for any exercises you’re having trouble with. For a more in depth answer, send us an email describing your specific limitations to We recommend that individuals dealing with serious limitations look at booking a consultation or private session with one of our instructors before joining in class.

Can I come to a class while pregnant?

Yes! All our classes except our Endurance class, can be modified for any mothers to be.

Can I bring a friend?

We love it when our members share the studio with friends! Just let any of our instructors or front desk assistants know you’re planning on bringing someone to class and they’ll happily give you a buddy pass.