Natalie Rosekrans | Pilates Instructor

Natalie's inspiration for becoming a Pilates instructor began while rehabilitating her back from pain due to scoliosis. The Pilates focus on alignment and core stability were key factors in rebuilding strength and alleviating discomfort that she had been experiencing since she was a teenager. Natalie has come to see the Pilates method as a foundation for proper body movement in everyday life. In her own life, Pilates has not only eliminated pain but also made her a stronger athlete on the soccer field and hiking trails. Natalie believes Pilates can teach anyone to move with greater confidence and knowledge. Natalie seeks to help her clients safely learn to work up a sweat, understand how to move in everyday life and in athletic activities, and most importantly enjoy the movement of their body. Natalie is certified in STOTT PILATES® Mat & Reformer.