Jessi Albin | Pilates Instructor

Hi, I'm Jessi!  I live in Oakland, California, but my fitness career started in my hometown of NYC where I completed my first certifications in Personal Training & Group Fitness. Quickly I was Crunch's most in demand personal trainer & instructor. I trained and competed in the National Physique Committee's Ms. Fitness competitions, where I rocked the stage and placed 6th. But I craved a more, the competition wrecked my metabolism, and I felt bulky.  I was missing a more harmonious and spiritual way to connect to my body.  At Laughing Lotus I started to explore the flowing moves, breath and meditation of Vinyasa and soon completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Then a friend took me to Pilates! The slow precise workout kicked my butt in the right places and the results were just amazing! I truly fell in love with all the machines and took hundreds of classes.  I began with a Pilates Mat certification and had the privilege of completing 750 hours of Pilates Apparatus training with the late Romana Kryzonowska. Since then I have continued to explore many aspects of fitness, but Pilates is just the one technique that gives my clients the most whole and complete transformations. 

In the last 15 years I have worked with competitive athletes, celebrities and advanced exercisers, but I am still able to challenge novices and those with special needs safely and effectively. I have also been known to throw down a killer playlist to help get you through it all dancing. Fitness, just like life, should be enjoyable and I am here to help you transform. Anybody can become healthier, anybody can eat better and train smarter, and anybody can feel amazing.