Gillian Ashdown | Operations Manager

Gillian’s fitness journey began in high school while she was captain of the cheerleading team. She quickly realized the importance of posture and strength while throwing and catching her teammates during half time. Naturally, she found her way into the octagon where she won her first MMA fight in 2016. 

Gillian officially entered the professional fitness world teaching cardio kickboxing while she earned her BA in Political Science at Pace University. Soon after, she took on operations and management for a boutique fitness studio in New York before moving back home to London.

While training Muay Thai kickboxing, she suffered injuries which held her back from competing. Luckily, she discovered Pilates in London and has never looked back. After healing her own body through her practice, she has dedicated her career to Pilates. She now is an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has won 3 tournaments so far.