Evan Oneill | Pilates Instructor

Evan Oneill is a certified instructor on all Pilates apparatus as well as Mat. She has been teaching for several years in NY, NJ, LA and now the SF bay area. A professional actor, dancer and stuntwoman for many years, Evan was soon in constant pain due to the damage sustained during her physically demanding work.

After years of strenuous pull on her body, Evan hurt all over...until she discovered Pilates. She immediately connected with this form of exercise and began to heal herself from the inside out. Pilates not only gave Evan her physical life back, but helped her regain her love for movement in all forms.

Evan focuses on health oriented, high energy, hands on tutelage. Exercise should extend life and be enjoyable; Pilates incorporates this concept by working towards flexibility and strength, stamina in conjunction with control, and breathing thru all movement. 

As well as Pilates, Evan is also a writer and activist. She lives in Sausalito, and enjoys bringing her dog to the studio.