Doris W. 


With a history of suffering from aches and pains in my back, shoulder, hips, and knee (from sports injuries, and improper training at the gym), I found the Pilates Reformation on-line. I was impressed by their website. I liked that classes are small (6 students max), and pilates here sounded like a type of rehabilitative physical therapy. I wanted to get in shape, get more toned, stronger, leaner, and flexible...without getting hurt.

So it's been over two years, and I've been loving the fun and challenging small group classes, and also the privates with Kaitlyn where she really knows what your body needs! When I was having an episode with really bad lower back pain, she insisted on giving me an hour-long private session, gratis, to teach me how to stretch, massage, and work out the pain! As a private trainer, Kaitlyn will work with your goals. I'm a golfer, and all that core-strengthening work has me hitting the ball longer!

Wen and Gillian are both very awesome, fun, energetic trainers, always paying attention to how you're moving, correcting you as needed so you don't hurt yourself. Each class is different and challenging! I highly recommend the Pilates Reformation!

Dyana R. 

Joseph Pilates said "Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit". Pilates is not just about great posture and a rock-hard core. It is more than just a physical exercise and can radically enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Having scoliosis means that I'm prone to back injury. With my training at the Pilates Reformation, I come to class knowing that my back is going to feel better and stronger. Each instructor at the Pilates Reformation has taught me something different about the art of Pilates. They take the time and care to get to know each student and explain the importance of each movement, correcting when necessary. Being "on pointe" means that I am in control of my body. It makes me feel in awe of the human body and what we can all do if we put our mind power behind ourselves. I don't let scoliosis get me down.

Casey G.

I take Monday and Saturday classes at the Pilates Reformation and I look forward to it all week long. It's a time for me to not think about work or the million other things on my plate and just think about how much Kaitlyn, Wen, or Gillian are going to kick my butt in class!

In the three years I've been coming to the Pilates Reformation, I've seen my body change in ways that it never did with other workouts. My core is much stronger which help alleviated the back pain I use to suffer from. 

I also can't stress how kind and patient Kaitlyn and her team are. This studio feels like another home and can't wait for many more years here!