Why We Reformed

As some of you may have noticed, we have reformed! One of the coolest things about creating something new is watching it grow. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to The Spinsters, an organization of young professional women in San Francisco, and they asked me all about “how” and “why” I opened what is now The Pilates Reformation.

I could tell you all about “how” we got here - but that story is for another post. Let me answer the “why”. Four years ago, The Pilates Reformation opened under the name On Pointe Training. If I’m totally honest with you - and myself - I wanted a play on words that connected me to my past as a professional ballerina. It felt safe, it felt comfortable, it felt like something I was sure I could pull off. I wasn’t quite sure where it would take me - and honestly, I was terrified - but I knew that my decades of training and ballerina-level work ethic would help guide me. And that’s how On Pointe Training was born.

Four years later, I walked into the studio and found myself looking at something I had only imagined in my dreams. I walked into a Pilates studio that welcomed everyone: all bodies, all walks of life, all with different health/fitness goals. A Pilates studio where people chatted and encouraged each other during class. Even better, a Pilates studio that hosted a “Dude Crew” every Tuesday where the guys are still lobbying to replace the Happy Hour Bubbly with beer. This was a studio where clients bring their 10 year olds to help them find body awareness. And it dawned on me: “HOLY CANNOLI - this is not your average Pilates studio, this is a community!”

Without realizing it, we had spent the first couple years fostering a community, the foundation of this studio. And last year, we brought out our signature classes to give our community a clear path to physical fitness - whatever the goals may be - while also playing to the strengths of  each of our instructors. My biggest question when we interview is, can you take the book and throw it out? Yes, I know dear old Joseph Pilates just rolled over in his grave, I can even hear gasps coming from all the Pilates elders. BUT! Stay with me… As a lovely colleague of mine, Cara Moyer, put it, “Joseph was an inventor, a creator, he wouldn’t just stop at the 24 exercises he created, if he was around now he would keep on creating.” For those of you visiting our page for the first time, there’s no need to worry, we still incorporate all of the Pilates fundamentals in our classes (check out our Pure class for a taste of the classics). Our movement is Functional, which is the new hot buzzword for 2019, but that is what we do, Functional Pilates.

Why did we change our name and rebrand? Because it was time for our name and our brand to reflect the awesome community that we built. I want to reform the way people view Pilates and reform the way we teach and practice Pilates. Times have changed, our jobs have changed, we are glued to a device or sitting in traffic for hours a day. It’s time to take time for ourselves, to make our bodies function the way they are meant to. The added bonus? With us, you’ll learn this amazing functional movement that everyone’s talking about in an open and collaborative environment that you will want to return to (because isn’t that half the battle?). AND you’ll have a laugh here and there because exercise is supposed to be fun!

Stay tuned for our next blog post…...Functional Pilates.