Aimee Reynoso | Pilates Instructor

Aimee found pilates by complete chance when she was a senior in college, after borrowing a roommates workout dvd and being shocked at the results she saw after a few months of low impact/body friendly workouts. The idea that you can be kind to your body while strengthening it, totally revolutionized her outlook on exercise and life. 

Formerly a long distance runner, her passion for pilates catapulted to the next level when her hips decided they wouldn’t put up with pounding pavement anymore, and she’s been in a happily committed relationship with pilates 10 years this month! Aimee decided to pursue her passion by embarking head first on a career in pilates by pursuing her comprehensive pilates teacher certification through Balanced Body, an internationally recognized program run through EHS in the Mission. She’s been learning and teaching for the last 18 months. 

When not doing pilates, Aimee can be found making online advertising magic happen at YouTube, seeing concerts with her husband and friends, or running (speed walking, actually) through Golden Gate Park. 

Come visit Aimee’s reformer classes where there’s always good music and a zest for life that you can’t help but let rub off on you.